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See the places where you will get your hair back

Take a look at Dr. Ilker Apaydin’s clinic and private hospital Nisantasi Hastanesi, where the hair transplant operation will take place.

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul is one of the main hair transplant centres in the world. According to the Turkish Ministry of Health, almost 100k patients all over the world visited Instanbul in 2015 in order to undergo a hair restoration procedure. In the following years the number of patients kept growing. They are attracted by affordable price and considerable experience of Turkish surgeons. Turkish doctors are highly specialised and very frequently perfom hair tranplants which makes them expert in this field.

Health tourism in Turkey is booming, which resulted in lots of new hair transplant clinics appearing on the market. Unfortunately, the competition between them led to quality loss. Operations are often performed by technicians, not surgeons. That is why we spent 12 months to make a thorough research on Turkish hair transplant market, in order to choose best clinic, which can offer our clients both: affordable price and world class quality of the medical procedure.

Show me the clinic, hospital and hotel

We’ve checked 100 clinics

We’ve checked more than 100 all over the world and talked with 24 hair transplant market experts in order to choose best clinic for our clients.

Price from 2600 €€0,62 per graft*

We offer the best Price to Quality Ratio in Europe

*Price calculated for 4000 grafts transplant in standard option

More 100 000 patients

More than 100k patients from over 40 countries choose Istanbul every year as their destination for hair transplant. This is a guarantee of a low price and considerable experience of the doctors.

If you are interested in our offer - feel free to contact us. We will prepare detailed information and accurate calculation for you.