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What a hair loss means to me and my look?

Each one of us is exceptional - no matter how trivial this phrase sounds, the fact is we differ. Our physical appearance is determined by genes, inherited from our parents, and what we think and how we behave is shaped by our social environment and culture. This genetic and socio-cultural heritage makes us unique. (check: is it possible to cure baldness?) This is why it is extremely important how we see ourselves.

Individuality creates the unique perception of our appearance as well as our expectations and efforts regarding how we want to be seen by others. Aesthetic features of the visible parts of our bodies (i.e. head or face) have deep impact on our imagined „self”, actual reflection in the mirror and how we want to be perceived by others. We care about our hair and style it to look attractive both for ourself and others.

In case of hair loss problem - our appearance changes significantly, which affects our self-esteem and how we are perceived. This often stops us from seeking the right solution and going for help to the plastic surgeon specialized in hair restoration.

If you want hair transplant - we do understand that the real reason is not the hair loss itself, but how the baldness affects you appearance. The most common reasons for hair transplant are: improving oneself appearance, complacency, self-esteem and attractiveness in people’s eyes. (check: Am I a good candidate fo hair transplant?)


What can I actually expect from hair transplant operation?

During the preliminary consultation with a doctor, he tries to assess your own perception of hair loss and concerns related to the hair transplant. Usually negative perception of balding is associated with discomfort and worries about ones appearance. Baldness may make you look unattractive, prematurely aged and negatively affect your self-esteem.

If you decide to undergo the hair transplant procedure, the doctor will choose the best method for your type of hair loss. You will also get information about the expected results of the operation, its duration, progress of the post-op recovery, hair growth phases and exact price of the hair transplant.

The true goal of the hair transplant is to improve the attractiveness of the patient. That is why plastic surgeons before the operation put much effort to understand how the hair restoration with natural look can truly increase his self-esteem.