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PRP treatment

PRP treatment speeds up the recovery and hair growth after the hair transplant.

PRP helps to revitalise the weak follicles that tend to fall out. It has been observed, that patients who use PRP treatment are less prone to thinning out of the hair, and the roots of their hair are stronger. If the PRP treatment is introduced as a post-op treatment, recovery is faster, red spots and scabs that appear as a result of micro-incisions during the transplant procedure quickly disappear and the hair growth rate is increased.


What is a Platelet Rich Plasma?

PRP is a natural plasma with increased number of plateletes, comparing to their normal level in blood. During the PRP treatment only the patients own blood is used. The blood is collected before the procedure. Because the plasma comes from the blood of the patient, no immune response nor allergy appears.


How the platelet rich plasma is prepared?

1. Around 10 cm3 of blood is collected from the veins of the patient, this amount is comparable to other standard laboratory blood tests.

2. With the help of sterile gel added to the blood, red blood cells are separated through centrifugation and removed.

3. The obtained plasma is enriched with a catalyst that activates the remaining blood cells. Stimulated blood cells produce cytokines - which basically are the proteins responsible for stimulating cell growth.

PRP treatment significantly increases cell division, migration of the stem cell, creation of the blood vessels and capillary tubes, and production of collagen and elastin.


How the platelet rich plasma is applied?

PRP is injected directly under the surface of the scalp. It is a painless and quick procedure (2-3 minutes), patients does not need any recovery, as the procedure leaves no long-lasting swelling nor bruising.


Who can have PRP treatment?

Every one that suffers from hair loss or hair thinning (either genetic or temporary) can be a good candidate for PRP treatment.


PRP treatment in hair transplant

PRP has generally three functional applications in hair transplant:

- increasing the vitality of the hair follicles after the hair transplant (FUE with PRP treatment)

- shortening the recovery time after the hair transplant

- vitalising and stimulating the transplanted hair follicles after the hair transplant

As it takes time to complete the procedure of the hair transplant, it is extremely important to keep the hair follicles vital after the extraction from the scalp. To achieve this goal, the hair follicles are kept in a special cooled solution. One of the inventions to this part of the procedure is to use PRP to enrich the solution in which the hair follicles are kept. PRP enriched solution makes the hair follicles more vital, the recovery after the surgery is quicker and the growth of the hair is increased. 


Does PRP has any side effects?

Because in the PRP treatment only patient’s own blood is used, there is no risk of infection or allergy. It is important to remember that PRP is only a supportive treatment and its application may lead to different results for different patients.