FAQ - MedHair Poland


Where the Medhair office and the hair restoration clinic are located?

Our office is located in Szczecin, on Sienna 9 Street, but majority of the consulting takes place online. All medical procedures take place in Istanbul in Turkey, in Dr. Aydin’s private medical clinic.


Who can undergo the hair transplant?

Hair restoration is for everyone suffering from “male type” hair loss, which is caused by hormonal changes. In case of persons with baldness caused by different types of accidents or burns need individual consultation to establish whether they can undergo the hair transplant or not.


Is the age an important factor for qualification to hair transplant procedure?

Yes, but the most important factor is medical cause of hair loss. Baldness is mostly caused by the excessive production of the male hormones which naturally decreases after reaching the age of 40. This means that patients that undergo the hair transplant earlier can still suffer from the hair loss and may need to repeat the transplant later in order to cover the spreading baldness.


Can the hair transplant procedure cause health detriment?

Generally the risk for healthy persons without allergy to local anaesthesia is close to zero. In order to limit the risk of the medical procedure, we estimate all the contraindications in the preliminary consultation.The most up-to-date clinical research data indicates that hair transplant is safe and has no risk of long-lasting side effects of the procedure after the full recovery. 


Are there any new hair transplant techniques?

The FUE technique is the latest technology of the hair transplant. It is often supported by the PRP treatment, which simulates the hair growth and boosts the final effect of the procedure. There are ongoing researches on the alternative hair restoration methods, but FUE remains the most effective method of the hair transplant.


How experienced is the surgeon performing the hair transplant?

Dr. Ilker Apaydin and his team is performing the hair transplant (both FUE and FUT technique) since 1998. During this years, he has successfully completed over 8000 procedures for the patient from over 40 countries.


Which transplant techniques are used in the clinic?

Most hair transplants are made using the FUE method. It is more effective and newer than FUT method, moreover it does not need stitches and leaves no scars on the scalp. The procedure itself is painless and the only discomfort for the patient can be felt during the initial anaesthesia injections. 


How long the patient need to stay in Istanbul?

Typical stay in Istanbul lasts 3 days (two overnights). First day is for the final consultation before the procedure, second is for the all stages of the hair transplant, and last, third day is for the final post-op evaluation and flight home.


What are the terms of hair transplant cancellation and refund?

In order to book the hair transplant and flights we need you to pay the deposit of 500 EUR (or its equivalent in PLN with rates established by www.nbp.pl on the date of the money transfer). Not later than 30 days before the departure date, either the operation date can be changed free of charge or the deposit can be refunded within 3 working days with the deduction of 20 EUR service fee.

Later than 30 days before the departure date, the deposit is not reimbursable. Every request fot change of dates during that time entails new deposit of 500 EUR to be paid.


How will I communicate with the surgeon and medical team during my stay in Turkey?

In both standard and VIP options we offer the interpreters service to assist you during stay in Turkey and during the whole transplant procedure.


How long the hair transplant procedure takes?

The procedure consist of couple stages and it takes 6 to 12 hours to complete (including meal breaks). Whole stay in Istanbul last 3 days. If you wish not to disclose the operation publicly, you should recover at least 15 days after the procedure.


Which area of my scalp is a donor area?

Generally the occiput is considered as a main donor area. In rare cases the hair follicles are also extracted from other parts of the body, in order to achieve greater transplant density.


Will there be any visible scars after hair follicles extraction from the donor area?

This depends on the technique used. In the FUE technique there are non visible scars on the scalp. Extraction of the hair follicles leaves only small white dots on a scalp, invisible even when the hair is very short.


Is it possible to transplant hair from another donor?

No. All clinical tests showed that hair transplanted from other donor are rejected by recipients organism.


How many hair can be transplanted during single procedure?

Normally, the transplant procedure covers from 1000 to 4000 grafts (hair follicles). Each graft has from 1 to 4 single hair in it. In other words in single operation it is possible to transplant 8000-10000 hair. 


How to prepare for the operation?

Every patient will get detailed information about the preparation for the medical procedure. The most important recommendation is to refrain from alcohol consumption at least 4 days before the hair transplant. The procedure is also not recommended for people with cardiac and hypertension problem as it may result with high risk for their health.


What happens before the operation?

Every patient has a blood test and an individual pre-op consultation with a plastic surgeon in order to determine the forehead hair line.


What happens after the operation?

RIght after the procedure you will get a headband bandage which will be replaced the next day. Its aim is to reduce the swelling of the scalp. Every patient also gets a hat that secures the scalp from the possible exposition to sun. It should be worn for at least 3 days. Detailed post-op recommendations will be given to you after the procedure, along with dedicated shampoo, cream and medications.


Is there any financing help available?

It is possible to pay for the hair transplant in instalments offered by Mediraty. For more information check link: financing.


When the transplanted hair start to grow again?

During first few weeks, transplanted hair grow and fall out. First solid hair grow after 3 months after the procedure. The highest growth increase occurs after 5 to 6 months after the transplant. 90% of the transplanted hair should be visible after 9 months, but the full result of the operation can experienced after a year.