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  • The procedure takes place in one of the reknown hair transplant clinics in Europe
  • The whole procedure of hair restoration is personally attended by dr. Ilker Apaydin, world acclaimed doctor*
  • The price is up to 70% lower than procedures offered by Polish hair transplant clinics**
  • Whole trip to Istanbul is coordinated by Polish company
  • * Only in VIP option
  • ** Based on prices of FUE hair transplant procedure (3500 grafts) offered by selected Polish clinics (February 2018)

Why Medhair?

Over a year of hair transplant market research

It took us over a year to make a thorough research of hair transplant market in order to find the best place for our clients. We’ve established the following strict criteria for clinic choice:

  • Price (with hotel and travel cost)
  • World class clinic
  • Plastic surgeon with ISHRS membership and at least 1000 succesful hair transplant procedures
  • Positive feedback from patients on Internet forums.

Choosing the best surgeon and clinic

Finally, we’ve decided to establish cooperation with NewAge Clinic from Istanbul and its internationally acknowledged surgeon - dr. Ilker Apaydin

  • Member of ISHRS and other international sugery societies.
  • Expert in FUT and FUE method.
  • Leading doctor personally supervises every stage of the procedure.

Best care for Polish patients.

Based on our own experience we’ve created a service that gives our patients reliable information, support and transparent offer on every stage:

  • Transparent trip organisation process
  • Clear and straightforward pricing
  • Help and support on every stage of procedure
  • Interpreter support in Istanbul

Low cost - world class quality

Show me the clinic, hospital and hotel

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul is one of the main hair transplant centres in the world. According to the Turkish Ministry of Health, almost 100k patients all over the world visited Instanbul in 2015 in order to undergo a hair restoration procedure. In the following years the number of patients kept growing. They are attracted by affordable price and considerable experience of Turkish surgeons. Turkish doctors are highly specialised and very frequently perfom hair tranplants which makes them expert in this field.

Health tourism in Turkey is booming, which resulted in lots of new hair transplant clinics appearing on the market. Unfortunately, the competition between them led to quality loss. Operations are often performed by technicians, not surgeons. That is why we spent 12 months to make a thorough research on Turkish hair transplant market, in order to choose best clinic, which can offer our clients both: affordable price and world class quality of the medical procedure.

Show me the clinic, hospital and hotel

We’ve checked 100 clinics

We’ve checked more than 100 all over the world and talked with 24 hair transplant market experts in order to choose best clinic for our clients.

Price from 100€0,74 per graft*

We offer the best Price to Quality Ratio in Europe

*Price calculated for 4000 grafts transplant in standard option

More 100100 000 patients

More than 100k patients from over 40 countries choose Istanbul every year as their destination for hair transplant. This is a guarantee of a low price and considerable experience of the doctors.

dr Ilker Apaydin

Born in 1967, world acknowledged plastic surgeon, an expert in both FUT and FUE technique. In his 20 years of experience, Dr. Ilker has helped restore the hair of over 8000 patients all over the world, including many Turkish celebrities. Since 2000, he’s an active member and a speaker of ISHRS.

He started performing FUT hair transplant operations in 1998 in TransMedClinic. In 2006, he became a Senior Plastic & Reconstructive Hair Surgeon and started performin FUE method, just after its global debut.

Member of international Surgeon Societies

Year of experience in


Number of



Experienced team of specialists with over 8000 succesful operations and high-end clinic guarantee the safety of the medical procedure.


Patients during the procedure does not experience any pain due to local anaesthesia.

Sustainable result

The most effective way to cure baldness, supported by PRP procedure


Whole procedure takes places during one day in most cases. The recovery lasts from 10 up to 14 days.

We’ve checked almost all available clinics in Instanbul in order to choose the best medical care and experienced doctors for you.

Duration of the hair transplant
(incl. flights)
3 Days
Duration of the medical procedure 6-12 Hours
Percentage of succesful procedures 96 %
Type of anaesthesia Local
Time until the final effect of the hair transplant 8-14 Months
Read more about hair transplant

FUT method

It’s a basic method of hair transplant surgery. It is mostly recommended for patients that expect full hair effect. This method leaves a single, barealy visible scar.

In FUT technique it is possible to reproduct whole donor area in the recipients area.

More about FUT method

FUE method

It’s a most recent method comparing to FUT. In FUe a specialized punch extracts the hair follicles directly from scalp of the donor area.

Thanks to its advantages, FUE is the most popular method of hair transplant.

More about the FUE method

PRP treatment

PRP treatment speeds up the recovery and hair growth after the hair transplant. PRP is a natural plasma with increased number of plateletes, comparing to their normal level in blood.

Red spots and scabs that appear as a result of micro-incisions during the transplant procedure quickly disappear and the hair growth rate is increased.

More about the PRP treatment

Hair transplantation price list

Services Standard Premium
Initial consultation for price valuation
Flight to Turkey and back to Poland (all airports)
Transfer from Turkish airport to the hotel and back to the airport
Polish interpreter on site
Two overnight stays including breakfast in four stars hotel in Turkey
Preliminary consultation with a doctor
Transplant procedure with post-op care
PRP treatment after transplant
Online support of the Medhair team during stay in Turkey
Procedure performed by experienced team under dr. Ilker Apaydin’s supervision
Main stages of the procedure are personally attended by dr. Ilker Apaydin
Price of the package od € 2999 Price set individually

The price is too high? Check our financing offer and pay in instalments.


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What you can expect during the whole process?

Before the departure

Fill up the online form, and we will guide you through whole application and consultation. We will deliver you the complete contract for hair transplant either via mail or courier company. We will arrange the most convenient date for the transplant procedure and we will book both a flight to Istanbul and consultation with Dr. Ilker Apaydin.

3 days in Istanbul

Day one arrival at Istanbul airport, transfer to the clinic and preliminary consultation with surgeon. At this stage the key decisions about the final result of the transplant procedure are taken. Afterwards you will be transferred to the hotel.

Day two day of the transplant procedure. We transfer you to the clinic and pick you up after the operation (approx. 6-10 hours later).

Day three Final post-op consultation with Dr. Apaydin, scalp washing and PRP treatment. Finally transfer to airport and flight back home.

After transplant

Recovery lasts up to 14 days and first results of the hair transplant are visible right after the procedure. After your return to Poland, the MedHair team will guide you how get best result of the hair transplant and answer any question that may appear during your recovery.

Contact form

Contact info

Information about the transplant type


The quality of photos is important to precisely evaluate transplant needs. Could you please send photos from the distance not exceeding 50cm from the head with particular focus on back of the head (donor area).

In case you shave this area, please send photos with at least 2 weeks hair growth. Thank You.

Consent for processing of the personal data

We inform you, that the personal data sent via this online form is administrated by M.H. Paweł Urbański (hereinafter reffered to as „MedHair”) located in Szczecin 70-542, Sienna 3, VAT No 8521294304. All inquiries can be sent to data administrator e-mail: All the data will processed only regarding the transplant inquiry, according to the directive that states „the processing of personal data is lawful if it’s necessary for the performance of contract or before concluding the contract”. Consent for marketing option results in processing the personal data also for sending advertising and marketing. Full information about the Personal Data Processing Policy is available in Information Obligation link

We inform you, that your consent can be canceled any time by sending message to the personal data administrator: form e-mail address which was used to make the consent.

Klinika transplantacji włosów

Wielu mężczyzn na myśl o łysieniu, szczególnie tym przedwczesnym, nierzadko z niepokojem zerka w lustro, szukając potencjalnych zakoli czy innych miejsc na głowie, gdzie włosy powoli się przerzedzają. Z pomocą takim osobom przychodzi chirurgia plastyczna – nasza firma zadbała o to, aby klienci, decydujący się na zabiegi z jej zakresu, zyskali fachową opiekę medyczną.

Jeśli pragniesz zachować na długo bujne, naturalne włosy, to wybierz pomoc MedHair! Oferujemy kompleksową organizację wyjazdów do specjalistycznej kliniki na zabieg przeszczepu włosów. Współpracujemy z fachowcami, dzięki którym nie będziesz musiał obawiać się procesu łysienia. Wizytówką skuteczności proponowanych rozwiązań są opinie klientów, którzy zdecydowali się z nami współpracować.

Przeszczep włosów za granicą

Dlaczego warto wybrać pomoc specjalistów z zagranicznej placówki? Wierzymy, że w Polsce jest niejedna dobra klinika transplantacji włosów. Chcemy jednak dostarczyć naszym klientom najskuteczniejsze metody w dobrej cenie. Najlepsza klinika w Europie zaś mieści się obecnie w Turcji, w Stambule. Tam, pod kierownictwem uznanego na całym świecie specjalisty, dr. Ilkera Apaydina, możesz przejść przez mniej inwazyjne, a przy tym skuteczne zabiegi. Co jest istotne – są one dużo tańsze niż w przypadku zabiegów oferowanych przez polskie kliniki! Jest to niewątpliwie kolejny plus naszej oferty.

Jeśli zdecydujesz się na pomoc MedHair, zyskujesz kompleksową usługę, obejmującą transport i zakwaterowanie, a także wszelkie procedury związane z przeprowadzeniem zabiegu. Jak on natomiast wygląda? Przeszczep włosów metodą FUT jest podstawą metodą, przeznaczoną dla panów, którzy chcą mieć gęste i bujne włosy. Może jednak zostawić jednak niewielką, mało widoczną bliznę. Natomiast wykonanie transplantacji włosów metodą FUE, która jest znacznie nowocześniejsza, polega na pobraniu zespołów mieszkowych włosów z dawczej części skóry głowy i wszczepienie ich w docelowym miejscu. Dzięki temu owłosienie wygląda bardziej naturalnie.

Chcesz dowiedzieć się więcej na temat metod, które stosują specjaliści z najlepszej europejskiej kliniki? Możesz dowiedzieć się więcej, kontaktując się z naszymi pracownikami. Dostarczymy Ci niezbędnych informacji na temat całego wyjazdu, jak i technik stosowanych przez światowej klasy lekarzy.